Since arriving in Guernsey in 1986, I have taken part in many community activities and it is important to me that the traditions and heritage of the Island are maintained. It is also necessary, however, to ensure that, as a diverse, mature community, we move with the times and enable everyone to achieve their potential, opportunities for which may not have been available to all in the past and for whom levels of expectation are now exceeded. I am passionate about education and the way in which, as a life-long matter, it can enable people to be successful and happy members of the community.

While recognising that there are several areas of Government about which I have concerns and on which I will elaborate below, I wish to be involved in providing ways forward as a Deputy towards their solutions. My previous experience on Home, Environment and Education Departments, as they were then, will be of considerable value.

Having been a single parent, I am aware of the problems faced with childcare and the cost that involves. I was fortunate to be able to work in a private nursery before my son started school and am aware of the importance of first three years of a child’s life. Quality care, providing a nurturing and stimulating environment, as well as the manner in which parents influence their children’s day-to-day experiences, will assist in them fulfilling their potential.

The third sector, and volunteering for it, have a role not only in my life, but in that of the Government of the Island. There are occasions where charitable assistance is very beneficial, but it must not be assumed that that is at the expense of proper States’ provision of services. As a volunteer for the Victim and Witness Support Service, the Friends of the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and the RNLI, for example, I am fully aware of how people can be supported, perhaps with little input from the authorities. However, financial support does ensure that that is enhanced.

As a supporter of Island Wide Voting, I am pleased we have the opportunity to elect Deputies across the previous districts.

  • I am able to read and assimilate State Reports in Billets and other documents, study them in detail and understand the issues.
  • I always listen to the debates and consider arguments carefully, before voting for what I believe is right for the Island.
  • I will continue to be available to assist members of the community with any problems and provide information to help them resolve any difficulties.
  • I am not afraid to be a lone voice on issues about which I feel strongly or electors have expressed concerns.
  • I act responsibly, with integrity and use my common sense.